About Us



About Us 

From a young age Maria Alexandra and Olga Medina were always encouraged by their mother to create unique jewelry pieces that were only theirs; rather than settling for what was available from common jewelry stores and mainstream brands. 

This process refined their critical perspective and their creative ability to design unique one-of-a kind jewelry.
International travel and a dynamic undergraduate education in the University of Miami and in the London School of Economics where multicultural woman surrounded them sparked the sister’s interest into the world of design. 

Today, Jeux De Vie Designs is a collaborative line inspired by the sisters childhood creations as well as their world travels, recognized by its uniquely modern and sophisticated designs, their constantly updated collection is widely anticipated by their fashion forward and discriminating clientele. 

Since its inception, Jeux de Vie Designs has delivered a precise balance between timeless and collectable jewelry. Designed to last a lifetime and flawlessly hand-crafted with impeccable quality.

Jeux de Vie Designs are worn by some of the most prominent fashion bloggers such a Chiara Ferragni, Shea Marie and Gala Gonzalez. Maria Alexandra and Olga have been featured as CBS Miami’s Best jewelry designers and as Miami’s best jewelry store. They’ve also been featured on CNN, PAPER Magazine and most recently in Ocean Drive and the iconic Southern Living Magazine in the Souths’ most stylish sisters issue. The sisters are passionate about maintaining the elegance and uniqueness in their designs whilst creating a brand that evolves to the needs of their clientele